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New Lamthong Rambutan in Syrup 565g

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Rambutan is a tropical fruit tree of the same botanical family as litchi (or lychee) and is native to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The fruit of the rambutan grows in large clusters and gets its name from the Malay word 'rambut' meaning 'hairy,' referring to the coat of soft reddish spines covering the soft white flesh underneath the rind. Once peeled, the rambutan fruit with its off-white flesh, oblong golf ball size and central inedible brown pip, is to the untrained eye, quite indistinguishable from the lychi! The somewhat translucent flesh of the rambutan is deliciously sweet, juicy and simply bursting with Vitamin C. These tropical fruits are most commonly eaten fresh, after having been peeled out of their brightly colored hairy jackets and de-stoned. The best quality and most flavorsome fruits are sold in market places still attached in clusters to the bearing branch of their parent tree. Lamthong Foods Industries is a company that has for nearly 30 years specialized in the production and processing of canned and frozen fruit and vegetables. Lamthong believe that the enjoyment of the delicious rambutan should not be restricted to the regions in which it grows and so this Company endeavors to bring these unique and exotic fruits, and many other varieties of fruit and vegetables, to the plates of people from all over the world to indulge in and enjoy! Lamthong Foods Industries source only the freshest, healthiest and juiciest fruits and vegetables from around Thailand for your enjoyment. If you are partial to a bit of after-dinner canned fruit and ice-cream, or are looking to prepare an interesting and delicious dessert for friends and family, why not try Lamthong brand Rambutan in syrup, available in a 565g can? It is the ultimate education in the delightful nutritious fruits Thailand has to offer!


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