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Maesri Chilli Paste with Basil Leaves (Pad Kapao) 200g

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Our Mae Sri Chilli Paste with Holy Basil can be used to make the traditional Thai dish Khao Pad Ka-Prao - a traditional Minced Beef or Chicken dish served with rice & a fried egg. Often enjoyed in Thailand for breakfast, but can be eaten at any time of the day!

Thai chilli paste with holy basil is a fragrant, spicy paste used in Thai cuisine. Holy basil is a herb native to South East Asia and is used in the stir fry dish pa kapao or pad kra pao.

Try rubbing fish with this Thai chilli paste before grilling or frying. Or add to stir fried beef, served with steamed rice.

Ingredients: Fresh red chilli 50%, garlic 21%, basil leaves 7%, soybean oil 6%, salt 6%, water 5%, sugar 3%, kaffir lime 1%, pepper 0.8%, citric acid 0.2%

  • Origin:Thailand

  • Size:200g

  • SKU:MI0026

  • Minimum shelf life:4