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Datu Puti Vinegar 1L

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Datu Puti White Vinegar. Best known for coining the term Mukhasim, it is the undisputed leading vinegar  brand that provides a strong nuot-asim taste, ideal for creation, preparation, and consumption of every dish.

Also known as sukang maasim – is a sharp and fresh tasting condiment popular in the Philippines. It is made from fermented sugar cane juice, and is similar in character to a rice vinegar.



cane vinegar (50%), water.


Use for cooking and dipping. It is also use to wash meat or fish before cooking, or to mix with curry powders to make a curry paste.


Dipping Sauce:

A common way to use the sukang maasim.

Finely chopped chilli , garlic and onion. Combine with Datu Puti vinegar and, add ground pepper, soy sauce, and sugar to make a hot, spicy, tangy dipping sauce.

Serve with deep fried prawns or slices of grilled pork for an easy Filipino meal.