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Yutaka Shibazuke (Pickled Mixed Vegetable-Cucumber & Aubergine) 110g

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Rich in colour and flavour, shibazuke mixed vegetable pickles, a speciality of Kyoto, combine the sour sweetness typical in Japanese tsukemono pickles with the strong herbal aroma and flavour of purple perilla. This jar contains slices of cucumber, aubergine and ginger seasoned with purple perilla and pickled in a soy sauce-based pickling solution. Enjoy with a bed of rice or as a snack with an ice cold beer.

Yutaka Sibazuke is a Pickle Specialty made of mixed vegetables (cucumber, aubergine and others) according to the popular Japanese recipe.


Vegetables (88%) [Cucumber, Aubergine, Ginger, Purple perilla], Soy sauce [Water, SOYBEANS, WHEAT, Salt], Salt, Flavour enhancer [Monosodium glutamate], Sugar, Water, Acidity regulators [Acetic acid, Citric acid], Colour [Anthocyanins], Preservative [Potassium sorbate], Perilla spice, Sweetener [Steviol glylosides].


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  • Popular Japanese side dish
  • Also as filling for Onigiri (riceballs) or Sandwiches
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • pickled Vegetables: Cucumber, Aubergine, Ginger, Purple perilla

Product information Shibazuke (Vegetables - Cucumber/Eggplant Mix)

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