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Trung Nguyen Premium Blend Ground Coffee 425g

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Premium Blend 425g Ground Coffee In Tin


The Premium Blend in the can is a popular home-brew Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans. Trung Nguyen adds natural flavourings to this blend; it is the only Creative Coffee that has an additional ingredients other than a small amount of butter oil traditionally used in the roasting process. It's a great coffee in perfect balance, hot or iced, and the flavours added (cocoa being one) are not detectable as added flavours; they seem to be very subtle.

The Premium Blend has always been a trademark speciality of Trung Nguyen and it helped to make the company famous. It's a stunning coffee with a medium-coarse grind that is intended for single-serve Phin filter or French Press. It is relative high in caffeine and has a pleasant acidity and persistent after-taste. Many of our customers drink only the Premium Blend. You might even call it a cult favourite!

ALLERGY NOTE: The premium Blend does contain a small amount of cocoa flavouring. Anybody highly sensitive to chocolate or cocoa ingredients should choose a different coffee selection.

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