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Takara Hon Mirin Junryo ( Cooking Wine) 300ml

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For sweetness and shine. Bring famous Japanese flavours to your cooking with ease, using Takara's Hon Mirin rice wine. Made from rice, rice malt, alcohol and sweeteners, this mirin is perfect for adding to cooking sauces and soups as it both adds a touch of sweetness and eliminates unwanted odours in your meat and fish. Background Mirin is an essential seasoning in most Japanese cooking, as it forms an essential component of the sauces or broths in dishes like teriyaki chicken and sukiyaki hotpots. Mirin is what gives these dishes their unique sweetness, as well as their distinct glazed appearance. The unmatched quality of Takara Mirin has made it the top selling brand in Japan, and a tradition in good cooking for 160 years!

Features & details

  • Mirin's all natural amino acids enhance the flavor and richness of your favorite recipes
  • The alcohol in mirin makes it easier for ingredients to absorb flavors.
  • It also prevents boiled foods from disintegrating and gets rid of unpleasant odors common in meats and fish.

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