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Takara Cooking Sake 13.5% Alc. (Ryori no Tame no Seishu) 500ml

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This is the No.1 selling cooking sake in Japan. Only domestic Japanese rice is used, and it contains no salt. Takara's original yeast is rich in organic acid and helps to deodorize the smell of fish and meat, and to enhances the richness and umami.
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%

Use cooking sake (or Japanese rice wine) to add aromatic flavour and depth to sauces and marinades, much like adding white wine to stews. Read our guide to sake hereto understand the many different types of sake available, and how it is made.

Cooking sake tends to be sharper than drinking sake, so use it in earlier stages of the recipe to allow the alcohol to mellow throughout the cooking process.

Alcohol: 13-14% ABV.

Product of Japan.


Rice, malted rice, alcohol, water. 


Nutritional Information:
Typical values per 100ml: Energy: 385kj / 92kcal, Fat: <0.1g, of which saturates: 0g, Carbohydrates: 3.5g, of which sugars: 1.5g, Protein: 0.3g, Salt: 0.004g

How To Use

Why not use cooking sake instead of white wine to add Japanese flair to your cooking?
• Add a splash in marinades to enhance flavours and reduce odours (such as fish).
• Use in hotpots, soups and stew to keep ingredients moist and tender without disintegrating.


Storage Information:

Store in a Cool, Dry place. Keep away from Direct Sunlight