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Ottogi Curry Powder (Mild) 100g

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Korean brand Ottogi is well known for its ‘3 minutes curry mix’ products which include Korean spicy curry powder mix mild available in a 100g packet. This spice mix, called ‘Karegaru’ can be used in the making of traditional Korean curry. This yellow spice mix can also be used to marinate meat dishes in the Korean style. It is excellent when paired with rice, bread, bun, noodles etc.

Product of Korea.


Curry powder 10.0% [Turmeric (India), Coriander (Moroco/Canada), Cumin, Fennel], Wheat Flour (Wheat: U.S.A/Australia), Dextrin, Mixed Oil (Palm Olein Oil (Malaysia)], Salt, Corn Powder, Ottogi Seasoning (Soybean), Vegetable Cream (Milk), Onion Flavour Powder, Garlic Powder, Modified Potato Powder, Sugar, Dextrin, Seasoning, Seasoning Oil, Powder Yeast Extract, Soy Sauce Flavour Powder.