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New Lamthong Lychee in Syrup 565g

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Leechee in syrup (565g) by Lamthong

For a bite any-time of the day, or you can season it with other fruit slices, cream and ice cubes and eat it as an appetiser or as a dessert.

Lychee is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit tree found in Asia, Southern Africa and Mexico. The fruit is an aril fruit, 3 to 4 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. The outer cover is a pink red, rough-textured rind which is not edible. The inside is a white translucent layer of flesh with a soft texture. When unripe, it is sour but when ripe it acquires an extremely sweet, juicy and succulent taste with a distinct flavour. The layer envelops a single glossy brown seed.

Lychees are sold fresh in Asian market and eaten in many ways: fresh, in dessert dishes as well as in the form of squashes and syrups. Apart from being delicious in taste they are full of extensive health benefits. Lychee contains very high amounts of Vitamin C. On an average, nine lychee fruits are sufficient to provide an adult’s daily requirement of Vitamin C. It contains substantial amounts of Beta Carotene, Copper, Phosphorus, Potassium and Poly-phenols. In addition to providing energy and fluid to the body, lychee helps to prevent blood clots and severe cell damage, reduces chances of stroke up to 50% in heart patients and promotes a general feeling of well being.

Lychee is a seasonal fruit of summer and is available only for a very short period in the year and as a tropical fruit, it does not grow in colder regions of the world. However, you needn't deprive yourself of its heavenly taste and unmatched health benefits when it's not in season. Lychee in Syrup (565g) by Lamthong preserves the same taste and the same health benefits, derived from the best quality hand-picked fruits, specially for you, year-round.

Product of Thailand.

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