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Nestea Iced Tea Lemon 450g

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We love our teas? From black to green, normal to masala, hot to iced, we’ve put a lot many efforts to innovate on our teas. Frankly, we Indians are tea people and there’s absolutely no soda or juice that can ever be good enough to replace a cup of tea. Isn’t it? If you’re in love with your cup of tea, but the hot weather is making you look for a cooler option, get yourself a pack of NESTEA Instant Iced Tea in Lemon or any flavor you like. Loaded with antioxidants and packed with beneficial nutrients, a cup of ice tea can be a refreshing drink for anytime of the day. People are beginning to ditch the unhealthy calorie-loaded soda and other sugar-loaded drinks for iced tea. NESTEA Instant Iced Tea is best served chilled on a blazing summer day. It infuses tea extracts with a tangy lemon flavor to give you the perfect refreshing taste. Mix 1 tablespoon (13g) NESTEA powder in a glass (150ml) of cold water. Stir well. Add 2 ice-cubes. 1 Glass of NESTEA Iced Tea is ready to serve!