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Mama Sita Hot Sinigang sa Sampalok (Hot Tamarind Seasoning) Mix 1Box(24x50g) 1.2kg (Exp. Date: 13-06-21)

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 Mama Sita's Sinigang Sa Sampalok Mix (Hot)
Tamarind Seasoning Mix Hot. Real unripe tamarind with hot chilis and spices. A new sinigang experience that will fire up your appetite.

Naturally tart, green tamarind fruit makes our sinigang a truly refreshing treat.

Sinigang Recipe (Serves 10-12):
1 pouch (50g) Mama Sita's Tamarind Seasoning (Sinigang Sa Sampalok) Mix Hot
2.2 lb (1 kg) whole uncooked prawns
10 cups (2.5 l) water
1 cup (150g) tomatoes (quartered)
1/2 cup (90g) onions (quartered)
2 cups (200g) sitaw (long green beans) cut into 2" lengths
2 cups (400g) radish (sliced)
4 pcs (30g) long green pepper
2 cups (200g) leafy vegetables (kangkong or spinach)
patis (fish sauce) to taste
Cooking Instructions:
1. In a saucepan, bring water, tomatoes, and onions to a boil. Simmer for 5 mins.
2. Pour in Mama Sita's Sinigang Sa Sampalok Mix Hot. Increase the heat and bring to a rolling boil
3. Add radish, long green beans, long green pepper and fish sauce to taste. Cover and simmer for 5 mins.
4. Add prawns. Simmer for 3 to 5 minutes or until the prawns are cooked. Turn off the heat and add the leafy vegetables. Cover to steam-cook. Serve hot.

Store in a cool, dry place.



Tamarind (20.%), Iodised Salt (Salt, Iodine), Citric Acid, Flavour Enhancer (E621), Tomato Powder, Rice Flour, Chilli Powder (4%), Cane Sugar.