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Mama Oriental Kitchen Shrimp Stir Fry Tom Yum Sauce (Big Pack) 90g

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Alongside the market for nearly 50 years with a degree to the leader in instant noodle market In the market of instant noodles worth over 8,500 million baht for many decades, it should be said that if Mama is 1 in Thai products that influence people at all levels Because almost every house, every gender, every age, few people will not know Never tasted Mama is the main product of Thai President Foods Public Company Limited and the old partner Saha Pathanapibul were created and placed as products that meet the needs of consumers in every household, both economical and urgent as The best full stomach food (only 5 baht can be full) Is it an economic indicator that is good or bad? Especially the bad economy, Mama will sell well Or during the disaster crisis, Mama floods will be products that reach households before other products And can eat full without having to eat water

Description Condition :

New Size : 85 gram Quantity : 1 Pcs. Ingredients : Wheat Flour , Palm Oil, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Seasoning, Soy Sauce, Spices, Seasoning Pack Includes Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5-Inosinate, Disodium 5-Guanylate etc. (Other ingredients by taste)


How to cook instant noodles:

1. Prepare boiled fresh water

2. Unpack the noodles and put them into the bowl 3. Pour hot water into the bowl (250-350 ml), cover the lid and allow the noodles to be soaked for 3-5 minutes

4. Put ingredients and mix them with noodles. (Recommend adding shrimp, meat and vegetables to add flavor to soup)


Features & details

  • Instant noodle products under the Mama trademark Which is known and accepted by consumers for more than 40 years by occupying the largest market share in Thailand Including the production of instant noodles for leading companies in Europe, America and Australia for export With a total capacity of about 7 million envelopes per day
  • Shrimp Stri Fried TomYum Sauce (Dried) Flavour
  • Size : 85 gram x 3 Packs
  • Bring instant noodles into the teak vegetables. Meatballs or meats and eggs can be useful foods or can be called substitutes.
  • Product of Thailand & Free Shipping -Worldwide

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