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Mae Ploy Pad Thai Sauce 260g

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Mae Ploy Brand Pad Thai sauce has all natural ingredients, and allows you to create an authentic Pad Thai (see recipe) in less time than it takes to make from scratch. Many customers like Mae Ploy brand Pad Thai Sauce because it has a complex flavor, with a combination of sweet, sour, hot and salty.

Cane Sugar (19.0%), Coconut Sugar (18.0%), Shallot (13.0%), Water (10.0%), Pickled Red Chilli (Red Chilli (76%), Salt (10%), Distilled Vinegar) (9.0%), Fish Sauce (Anchovy (70%), Salt, Sugar) (9.0%), Soy Bean Oil (6.0%), Tamarind Pulp (Tamarind (40%), Water (5.0%)) (10%), Distilled Vinegar (5.0%), Salted Radish (Radish (75%), Salt) (3.0%), Dried Shrimp (1.5%), Palm Sugar (1.0%), Salt (0.5%).

Spicy Thai Sauce For Stir-Frying With Rice Noodles

Cooking Instructions (Serves 1):
1. Soak 80g of dried rice noodles in hot water until soft and drain the water
2. Heat 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Add 100g of shrimp or other kinds of meat and beancurd, stir-fry until cooked
3. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Pad Thai Sauce and soften rice noodles, mix together. Add 1 beaten egg, stir-fry until well cooked
4. Add 80g of beansprouts and chives, stir-fry again. Garnish with fresh chives and minced peanuts. Serve hot

Allergy Advice: Contains Shrimp, Fish Sauce, Soya.

Stir well before use and keep refrigerated after opening.