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Lobo Spicy Chicken-in-Rice Seasoning Mix 50g

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Originally from the northwest of India, rich in colour and fragrant spices, Chicken-In-Rice is probably the best known dish prepared in this style. "Lobo" features an easy way... just switch on your electric rice cooker.

Spicy chicken in rice, which in terms of spiciness and appearance is clearly inspired by Indian cuisine has an attractive color and a subtle aroma of exotic spices. Add fresh ingredients such as rice and chicken. You can prepare this dish within minutes, when you have less time to cook. Lobo Spicy Chicken in Rice Seasoning Mix contains carefully selected spices that will let you enjoy a very delicious, slightly spicy dish from Thailand, with no artificial additives.


  1. Prepare 1lb. (0.5kg) of chicken cut into large pieces; legs, wings or whole breast on the bone.
  2. Rub the contents of one sachet into the chicken pieces and marinate for 15 minutes.
  3. Put 10 oz. (300 g.) of rice into a rice cooker or pot. Add the chicken pieces and mix in gently. Add water and cook.


Features & details

  • Easy to cook them.
  • Present your cooking fascinate
  • Great taste and original style from Thailand
  • No Preservative Added
  • Producs of Thailand

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