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Lobo Panang Curry Paste 50g

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It is a full bodied, creamy curry made with various spices and finely ground peanut which goes well with steamed jasmine rice. This is said to be the warm and friendly Thai curry for foreigners to start with. Panang curry is usually made with beef, but it can also be used for seafood or chicken curries.

Panang curry paste (50 g) by Lobo

Small easy to use sachet.

Ingredients: Chilli 36.0%, Lemongrass 16.0%, Garlic 10.0%, Salt 10.0%, Shallot 12.0%, Galangal 5.0%, Shrimp paste (Shrimp, Salt) 2.0%, Peanut 4.0%, Spices (Kaffir Lime Peel, Coriander Powder, White Pepper Powder) 5.0%.

Contains peanuts and shrimp.
No added MSG, colouring or preservatives.


  1. Heat a skillet and 1 cup (240 ml) of coconut milk together with contents of the packet. Stir-fry until oil appears on the top.
  2. Slice 250 g sliced beef or chicken and stir-fry until done. Add 1 cup (240 ml) of water. Bring to the boil.
  3. Add some kaffir lime leaves and chilli. Cook until tender.
  4. Add fish sauce to taste. Serve with cooked rice.

    Manufacturer: Globo Foods Ltd.

    Product of Thailand.

    The renowned Panang curry is very popular dish in both Thailand itself, and also in Thai restaurants across the world. Panang curry is quite different to other Thai curries in that it requires less coconut milk in its preparation. As a consequence, Panang curry is considered to be a dry curry. Many Thai people will advise foreigners that Panang curry is warm yet relatively mild, and a good choice of Thai curry for foreigners to start with

    Panang curry also differs from other Thai curries in that it is not usual for vegetables to be added to the dish. Therefore the two main ingredients of any Panang curry and the meat, and of course the paste (or sauce).

    Beef Panang is by far and away the most popular version of this great dish, although chicken and pork are sometimes used instead.

    Lobo Panang curry paste is the perfect ingredient for those people wanting to make their own Panang curry. Well known for its authentic and genuine tasting Thai food products, Lobo use only fresh and locally produced Thai ingredients. Lobo’s Panang curry paste is no exception to this rule, and the combination of exotic ingredients such as chilies, garlic, spices, lemongrass, shallot, kaffir lime peel, galangal and shrimp paste produce a delicious and mouth watering taste sensation.

    Using only Lobo Panang curry paste, you can cook up a rich, creamy and sweet tasting authentic Panang curry dish quickly and easily. Be prepared for a sensational and tasty culinary delight that can be enjoyed by both you and all of your family. Lobo Panang curry pastes are packed in small, easy to use satchels that allow for long term storage and long term freshness. All Lobo Thai products are made to the highest of standards and are well respected across the world for their high quality.