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Kirin Brand Preserved Turnip Shredded (Strips Radish) 500g

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Chopped ground and pickled turnip, or hua chai po, - also known as preserved radish - is a key ingredient in the famous Thai fried noodle dish pad thai (see our Perfect Pad Thai Recipe) and also khao tom goong rice soup. Chopped pickled turnip is made by pickling daikon radish, or mooli, and is even tasty eaten straight from the packet. Preserved turnip comes in two varieties – sweet and salty. This sweet variety is preferable for dishes where a sweet, slightly salty edge adds a depth of flavour without dominating the dish.

The chopped pickled turnip should be tossed into pad Thai in the last few minutes before serving - just before the ground peanuts and any final seasoning. A couple of tablespoons is perfect in a pad thai for 2-3 people.

This pickled turnip is also popular in Chinese dishes where it's called tai tan tso, served with fried egg and rice and even sprinkled on congee (rice porridge). Once opened, the turnip can be frozen to keep it fresh.  

Our Kirin Brand Chopped Turnip is ready to eat and can be used as a snack or in Thai and Asian recipes.

Ingredients: Turnip (84%), sugar, salt, water, preservative: Potassium Sorbate

  • Origin:Thailand

  • Size:500g

  • SKU:MI0019

  • Minimum shelf life:3 months







Ingredients for Pad ThaiServes: 2

To garnish at the table

  • Chopped chilli, lime quarters, fish sauce, caster sugar