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Jeeny’s White Palm Sugar (Cubes) 260g

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Jeeny's Premium Quality Palm Sugar

Palm Sugar is a sweet, unrefined sugar, widely used in Asian cooking to provide a balance to the flavours of hot, sour and salty. Palm sugar should be grated or chopped before use.

Glutinous Rice With Caramelised Mango
300g glutinous rice
600ml water
200ml coconut cream
1 fresh mango or 425g canned sliced mango (drained)
10g butter
5 pieces Jeeny's palm sugar

1. Boil glutinous rice with water for 15 minutes, covered. Turn off heat and remain covered.
2. Grate 3 pieces of palm sugar and add to butter in a frying pan. Heat until sugar has dissolved and begins to brown slightly. Add mango and stir through until heated.
3. Add coconut milk and 2 pieces of grated palm sugar to the warm glutinous rice and stir through.
4. Serve rice topped with mango, while warm.

Store in a dry place.
Once opened, store in an airtight container.