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J.F. Mills Pancake and Waffles Mix 500g

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J.F. Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix


WHEAT Flour, Sugar, Dextrose Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats (SOYBEAN (SOYA) and Cottonseed in varying proportions), Raising Agents (E500, E541, E341), ButterMILK (MILK) (2%), Salt, Emulsifiers (E471, E435, E322 (SOYA))


Quick'N Easy Directions for Making Pancake 1. Heat frying pan or griddle (Electric 200C). Grease with cooking oil. 2. Combine pancake mix, water, egg, stir using wire whisk until lumps disappear. Stand to thicken. 3. Pour batter for each pancake onto hot surface. 4. Flip when pancake starts to bubble and bottoms are golden. Pancake Servings Pancakes: Mix, 10*5'': 1 pack, 20*5'': 2 packets Pancakes: Water, 10*5'': 1 cup, 20*5'': 2 cups Pancakes: Eggs, 10*5'': 1, 20*5'': 2 Preparation Note: For thicker pancakes - use less water For thinner pancakes - use more water