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Habhal’s Sweet Soya Bean Sauce (Kecap Lemak Manis) 345ml

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Habhal's Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Bean Sauce.

Use this thick, rich caramel-coloured sauce to add an aromatic and It is a wonderful marinade on chicken, meat, vegetables, this sauce works well alone or mixed with other flavours. Allergen Advice: Contains Wheat and Soy.

This soy sauce has been specially prepared by cooking experts using the finest selected soy beans and its delicacy is widely recommended and supported by public.

Enrich your dish with this high quality and tasty sweet sauce.

Did you know .... Habhal's kecap manis, also known as kicap manis, contains more soya bean extract (48.5%*) & less sugar - giving you that distinctive taste, with less calorie intake.
What's more, it contains Vitamin A (0.125 mg or 16%*, per bottle)
Look out for the Red Label - HABHAL'S Cap Kipas Udang.

Available in 345ml and 645ml bottles.
Enjoy the yummy flavour, taste the difference !



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