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Clara Ole Pasta Sauce 3 Cheese 1kg

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Savor the full bodied goodness of select Italian cheeses (Parmesan, Romano & Cheddar) combined with the natural sweetness of tomatoes and quality herbs and spices with our ready-to-use pasta sauce. Satisfy your craving for salmon, tuna, or chicken cooked with this variant alone or create endless possibilities. Indulge in flavors that bring you joy, add a little more sweetness, fortify with mushrooms or enrich your meal within a savory-sweet Filipino twist that your family will love!

Product of Philippine.



Water, Tomatoes, Sugar, Modified Starch, Cheese, Iodized Salt, Onion, Selected Spices, Citric Acid, MSG and Oleo Paprika

Cream Powder.

Coconut Cream Powder is the powder version of the liquid coconut cream. It is made from fresh coconuts with spray drying and agglomeration technology to produce the best soluble and aroma coconut cream powder.


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