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Chung Jung One O’Food Mild Ssam Jang (Original Seasoned Soy Bean Paste) 500g

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Simply paste a small amount of sauce on to a lettuce leaf or meat with chopsticks or you can simply dive the meat into the sauce Refrigerate after opening!

Product of Korea.



Features & details

  • Good for Korean BBQ, Korean Rip, Bulgogi with vegetable
  • Ssamjang is made by mixing Doenjang, Gochujang, finest peppers, onions, sesame seed, and sesame oil
  • Chung Jung One Ssamjang combines garlic, sesame seed, onion, leek, ginger, and other key ingredients to create a flavorful paste
  • Due to its rich flavor, additional seasoning is not required. The perfect balance of salt and seasoning makes Ssamjang a wonderful complement for meat and vegetables
  • No Preservatives / Great for light soups and dipping sauce

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