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Century Tuna Flakes Mechado Style 180g

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Mechado is a Filipino dish which is also called braised beef dish. The Filipino twist to this dish is the presence of soy sauce and lemon juice in the marinating sauce. It is the same with Century Tuna Mechado Style 6.4oz. For people who cannot eat beef meat but still wants to taste Mechado, then Century Tuna Mechado Style 6.4oz is perfect for you.

Through the years, Century Tuna has captured the hearts of the Filipinos because most of the Filipino dish is already in their tuna flakes. You just have to purchase their products and you get to enjoy Filipino dishes like adobo, afritada, caldereta, and this one mechado. All of these varieties showcase the Filipino taste of tuna. And since it is Century Tuna Mechado Style 6.4oz, you will enjoy more tuna flakes in every can, less oil, and less salt. And of course, the tuna taste that you will keep on asking again and again.

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