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ASEAN SEAS Frozen Bullet Tuna (Tulingan) 900g

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Bullet Tuna (Tulingan). 

Frozen bullet tuna fish (also called Tulingan or Bonito) used in Filipino cuisine. Slender species of the tuna fish family, loved for their taste and used for various recipes from soups to BBQs. Suitable to cook by frying, poaching or grilling but often seasoned with salt and cooked with water. Can be used to prepare Filipino ginataang tulingan or sinaing na tuligan recipes. 

Frozen bullet tuna. Caught at FAO71 Area, Pacific Osean. 



Bullet Tuna (100%).


Typical Value Per 100g
Energy 954kJ / 228kcal
Fat 4g 
Of which Saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 2g
Of which Sugars 0g
Fibre 0g 
Protein 46g 
Salt Trace


Frozen gutted, process in Vietnam.


Use for frying, poaching or grilling, and soup,


Deep fry till golden brown.


keep frozen- 18% or below.  
Once thawed do not freeze. Cook throughly before consumption.

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